who are we

İmpa Yapı A.Ş. , which made a significant contribution to the modernization of Turkey in the field of construction, has completed numerous projects over 2,600,000 square meters since its founding.

Since 1987, İmpa Yapı A.Ş. has undertaken the construction of many projects such as housing, factories, business centers and shopping centers and continues its activities in its central building in Kavacik. Until today, key-turn projects have been signed for various official institutions and organizations, cooperatives and private sector.

İmpa Yapı A.Ş. have planned and implemented all these productions in detail by keeping the factors of human, environment and work safety in the foreground.

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GES power plants

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Logistics Warehouse Project

Our investments in this sector will continue in 2021 in line with the need for new and A+ building... read more